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An innovative site where our main focus is on the ideology and stories behind the individuals who support the footwear industry. The almighty but often misrepresented store employees, customers and collectors. Positive or negative input and feedback can do a whole lot for an individual, product or company. It is the very essence of individuality mixed with creativity that fuel our industry.

"IF I LOOK BETTER, I FEEL BETTER, IF I FEEL BETTER, I PLAY BETTER" Michael Jordan to Tinker Hatfield during the early design stages of the Air Jordan series.

With so many well thought out, dynamic products and more than enough websites out there to serve them to us, we decided to create a non biased platform for your voice to be heard. Whether you have a closet, basement and/or garage full of shoes, or you’re the individual who sold them to that person, we would like to thank you for keeping this industry in good health.

Executives, designers, and other industry characters garner most of the well deserved press, while you keep pound’n away at that, 9-2-5, distant relative, immediate family member(s) or close friend, all to get closer to those size “fit rights”!

We believe your story is all too often kept beneath the soles you buy or sell, for stories of flashy new technology on them, insider interviews on why the company and products are at their best, and don’t forget next season’s new delivery!


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