37 1/2 RACKS…….!!?!!?!!

October 02, 2011  |   Collectors Chamber,Online Magazine   |     |   0 Comment

There was a lot of buzz around the shoe, the movie and even the person behind the foundation the auction would support (Michael J. Fox) ….But what about the guy who won the auction…..Tinie Tempah, is a British Rapper, of Nigerian origin. He made his first mixtape in 2007 with 28 songs, freestyles and remixes.   Since then he has been gaining a buzz  and collecting checks across the globe ever since.  Guess that’s why he drop’d 37,500 on the McFly joints….At least we can justify it by saying the proceeds were matched by Google and it was for a good cause.  Check out his Till I’m Gone remix w/ Wiz Khalifa on the hook….17 million views since the summer….and they said Hip Hop was a fad.

Here is the video of the MAG auction won by Tinie Tempah

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