Earl Bennett’s Orange Kics get him fined $5K by the League

November 11, 2011  |   Online Magazine   |     |   0 Comment

The cleats were a violation of the NFL’s uniform policy. Rules state that a team must choose a “dominant color” (black or white) for shoes prior to July 1.  5K is a nice price to pay for looking fly!  Hopefully Earl has a Nike contract and they’re pick’n up the ticket for the pub.  I believe that 5k was the same amount MJ was fined for breaking the NBA dress code at that time so maybe this guy might be on to something if he can step up his play for the next decade. Q: Why is Stephen Jackson of the STL Rams getting away with wearing Gold cleats with no fines?  A: Because they have 1 win & no one cares.  His cleats look dope with the Rams Uni’ s, just as Bennetts did !!!  The League needs to step their KIC game UP!

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