It Must be the Shoes…not…I’ll Bust for the Shoes!!!

December 31, 2011  |   Online Magazine   |     |   0 Comment

I thought it was….It must be the Shoes….not I’ll Bust for the Shoes!!!

There has been a lot of retro mania since the release of the highly coveted Concord 11 on Dec. 23rd.  Many sites are showing lines and interviews of some of the lucky folks to snatch up a pair of these gems.  Although some of the people interviewed are the last individuals we want to represent our culture, they’re on camera anyway and just as guilty as those behind the camera for highlighting this nonsense .  Others are getting on television calling for Nike and Jordan to do something about this Jordanmania but really should be focusing their attention on the customer as opposed to the maker of the product.  This is an example of digital media coming into play and highlighting something that has been going on for awhile now.  With smartphone technology today’s consumers can take video and show the world how real it is when it comes to getting those coveted Kics….but as a retail warrior who was in the game for over a decade this is nothing new, just more visible with technology.  If something were done about the release date of the shoes you would still have issues like this break-in shooting in cities like Detroit and St. Louis where its real in the battle field when it comes to your Kics.

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