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Dungeon Duty
Dungeon duty is for the warriors worldwide who’ve moved countless pairs of transportation, allowing others the ability to navigate their way through airports, metros, subways, city boroughs’ and blocks. Moving in and out of some the rarest places, people, luxurious autos and clunkers in comfort & or style. These are the real kings and queens that make this industry what it is, or isn’t, and this is the “global coliseum” for the world to view these gladiators waiting for their moment in time.

Some of us serve for a particular shift, season(s), or even life time as a slave and savior to this industry in the same breath. We “shoelute” you & god bless! | visit section

Online Magazine
Videos, events, fresh concepts & sections including, //PAUSE FOR THE DESIGN CAUSE// //PLAY IT BACK//and //CLASSIC CAMPAIGNS// are some of the jewels you will get by dropping by our online magazine. | visit section

Collectors Chamber
Gold, silver, and precious heirlooms have always been hard to come by, similar to the dollar or a great job opportunity today. But without enjoying a monetary fortune, most consumers who collect enjoy the riches of having some of the most strategically marketed and technology infused products we’ve ever seen.

Here you will get a rare chance to peek inside some of the most hidden footwear treasure chests across the globe all in one location. | visit section

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